The INSA Group have always promoted and supported excellence, diversity and equal opportunities among students, both national and international.

Publicly-funded institutions, the INSA schools provide already a rather attractive rate of tuition fees thanks to the state sponsorship. Additional fees may be applied to specific programs and degrees. International tuition fees may also be subsidized for newcomers, in line with the international strategy of the school. 

Exchange students are granted a fee waiver. Double degree students are invited to check with their home institution. Costs may vary according to the programs.

Furthermore, in order to enhance talented people, entrepreneurship, international mobility, many more scholarships opportunities are available such as Erasmus+, Eiffel, FITEC… Several additional initiatives are implemented with the local and regional authorities and INSA Foundations. Eligibility criteria vary according to each framework.

For further information, you may contact directly each INSA school or check with the programs coordinators.

Additional information on Scholarships

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