The INSA Group conducts research activities covering the entire value chain, from basic research to applied research, in close collaboration with our industrial partners. Prestigious international collaborations with academic and industrial partners illustrate and reinforce our scientific excellences such as CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research). 

Over 2,900 publications were co-authored in 2021 in the best international scientific journals. The ambitious research work, developed in line with regional, national and European strategies, aims to ensure academic excellence and to respond to scientific, technological, economic and societal challenges.

Research is a core component of INSA students’ education : it continuously adds value to the curriculum by ensuring that teaching is always in line with the latest advances in science and technology. 

World-class research

  • 57 internationally renowned INSA research laboratories.
  • 1,000+ researchers (teacher-researcher & researchers).
  • 1,350+ PhD candidates.
  • 2,900+ publications co-authored in the best scientific journals in 2021.
  • 61,000+ scientific publications available on open archive HAL.
  • 150 patents registered since 2020.

Addressing societal challenges

The INSA Group Research teams are actively engaged in 5 main societal challenges:

  • Digital Society and Information.
  • Energy for a Sustainable Development.
  • Environment: Natural, Industrial, and Urban Environments.
  • Global Health and Bioengineering.
  • Transport:  Structures, Infrastructures, and Mobilities.


  • As a whole, the INSA Group would stand #22 ARWU in Mechanical engineering, according to SIRIS Academic 2019.
  • In Mathematics INSA Lyon ranks 76-100 and INSA Toulouse 101-150.
  • In Mechanical engineering INSA Lyon is the top French Grande École and ranks 51-75, INSA Hauts-de France (ex ENSIAME/UVHC) ranks 201-300.
  • In Biotechnology, INSA Toulouse ranks 201-300, the top French Grande École in this subject. 

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