To submit your offer to all the students in the group, simply click on the link to the  INSA Group Career Center.

If you wish to recruit students from a specific INSA click on a specific link below:

Career Center INSA Centre Val de Loire

Career Center INSA Lyon

Career Center INSA Rennes

Career Center INSA Rouen

Career Center INSA Strasbourg

 Career Center INSA Toulouse

By posting your offer via this platform, you will be able to follow its progress live (validation, number of views), archive it when filled, modify it in complete autonomy or even republish it.

Once your account is created, you will be able to add new offers quickly by accessing your recruiter account directly using your email address and the chosen password.

The role of the company is essential in the training of engineering students through internships and apprenticeships and the INSA Group thanks you for your collaboration.

Visit the job teaser site for more information.