In addition to each INSA school's partnerships, the INSA Group has developed global partnerships with major companies such as :



Vinci is a global player in concessions and construction operating in 100 countries. The cooperation between the INSA Foundation and VINCI aims to foster initiatives designed to promote diversity and social openness, develop awareness of the social and environmental impact of engineering sciences, support student success, support community life on campus, encourage responsible innovation and promote sustainable entrepreneurship. This privileged relationship between the INSA Group and VINCI will also help raise awareness among students of the reality and diversity of VINCI's businesses and its CSR commitments.

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A pioneer in bank insurance, electronic banking, and remote monitoring and telephony, Crédit Mutuel is a French company that always placed innovation at the heart of its development dynamics to adapt to technological and societal developments. With its remote banking tools and news applications, Crédit Mutuel has chosen to foster digital and technological proximity, completing the social and physical proximity of its cash registers and client advisors. The education of humanist engineers responds to Crédit Mutuel's vision of a socially and environmentally engaged company through its attachment to the values ​​of solidarity and responsibility.

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