You must :

  1. Have a valid email address throughout the application that you check regularly, especially as deadlines approach.
  2. Carefully read the terms and conditions regarding your application and carefully respect the deadlines mentioned in the schedule.

Application fees - Essential reading

The amount of the application fees is indicated in the presentation for each recruitment : for 2023, these amount to 105 euros. The application will be definitively registered only once payment has been made. Failing this, it will not be examined by the jury. This amount remains definitively acquired by the INSA Group, regardless of the jury's decision (including if you waive a proposal for admission after the jury).
An e-mail acknowledging payment/application registration is systematically sent out. If you don't receive this email, please contact the "Service Admission du Groupe INSA".

Note that the application fees for all INSA Group establishments are managed by INSA Lyon.

Online payment by credit card (CC) is preferred :

This payment facility is offered on the online application (redirection to a payment site guaranteeing security of the transaction).

Other payment methods  :

If it's totally impossible to pay by credit card, you can opt for :

Payment by cheque :

You must send a cheque made payable to Agent Comptable de l'INSA Lyon, not forgetting to indicate on the back the surname, first name(s) and number of the candidate concerned. As soon as your cheque is received and registered by the "Service Admission du Groupe INSA", you will be informed of this in your application file.

Mailing address :
Service Admission du Groupe INSA
Campus LyonTech La Doua
9, allée du Rhône
69628 Villeurbanne Cedex

Please note, this method of payment is possible for holders of a French bank account only.

Payment by bank transfer :

As soon as your payment has been made, you must load, in your online application file, proof of payment, in PDF format, which must indicate the surname, first name and number of the candidate concerned.
Once validated by the "Service Admission du Groupe INSA", this receipt constitutes proof of payment.

Please note that transfer receipts without candidate identification number are not considered.

For transfers made from abroad, bank charges are the responsibility of the payer. Here are the bank details to communicate to your bank :
SWIFT reference : Y055054 07
Download the INSA Lyon bank account details

NB : A refund can only be made after agreement from the "Service Admission du Groupe INSA", in the event of withdrawal duly justified and transmitted before the jury or change of status (from "non-scholarship" status to "scholarship" status). The deadline for submitting the request, complete with supporting documents, is set at 15 June before the start of the school year.

Scholarship candidates 2022-2023

Only students who have this status for the school year  2022-2023and only this one. are considered "scholarship holders". Scholarship holders at level 0 of higher education are also exempt from application fees.

The scholarship must be :

  • awarded on social criteria
  • issued by the French government
  • definitive
  • issued for the year 2022-2023

For high school students, the notification of award or renewal, issued by the Ministry of National Education, is the only valid document considered.
For students in higher education, only the final scholarship notification issued by Crous will be considered.

Caution : a conditional scholarship notification will not be accepted.

For 1st year "Parcoursup" applicants : the proof of scholarship must be uploaded, in PDF format, directly to the national Parcoursup platform. 
For other candidates in the 2nd and 3rd year (except CPGE 3rd year candidates) : you should send us your certificate by uploading it, in PDF format, directly to your online application file.

Multiple applications

A candidate cannot apply more than once for the same entry level. An exception to this rule is accepted when it's a 3rd year application made in parallel with an application in the 3rd year through the apprenticeship stream.
Please note : if you simultaneously apply for the INSA Group Engineering degree and the Sciences-Po Rennes and Toulouse Engineering double degree, you only have to pay the €105 once. 

Disabled candidates

If you wish to bring a particular situation to the jury's attention, you must first get in touch with the disability contact of the establishment that interests you most. The contact details will appear in the brochure available in November 2022.

Recognised High-Level Sports candidates

"High Level Sportsmen and Women" covers "recognised" sportsmen and women registered on the national lists of the Ministry of the City, Youth and Sports in the categories elite, seniors, promising, up-and-coming, retraining and national collectives. Professional athletes, when they're beneficiaries of a training agreement provided for in article L.221-5 of the sports code, can claim the same rights as high-level athletes. The specific admission of high-level sportsmen and women is part of the orientation law on sport No.84-610 of 16 July 1984 (AVICE Law) (art.28).
In some cases, the admission of sports candidates of a good level but not registered on the ministerial lists can acknowledge the sports project, but this is in no way automatic.

Foreign candidates

Please note, whatever your application route, if you're not of French nationality, you must, in parallel with your application, contact the French Embassy or Campus France as soon as possible, whose role is to help you in your administrative process (information, course choice, visa, etc.).
Go to .
Caution: Candidates must complete the application procedure on Etudes en France, and at the same time, must submit a file on the INSA Group's admissions site (respecting the application schedule). As soon as you have registered with Etudes en France, you must go back to your online application on the INSA Group's admissions site to enter your "Campus France user ID".

Gap year

In the event of admission, a student may request a gap year; it is the admission establishment that will accept or refuse this.

In case of admission

The result is only communicated on the online application site. A candidate admitted must respect the deadlines for responding to the admission proposal, or otherwise be considered as withdrawing and no longer registered, without option of appeal.

Verification of information provided

A decision of the admissions jury is always given subject to verification of the information provided and obtaining the application diploma. Verifications are completed by the end of August at the latest.
Any error calling into question the candidate's classification, any fraud or attempted fraud observed entails removal from the list of admitted candidates.

Replacement session for A-Levels

Candidates who present a baccalaureate (A-level equivalent) issued by France and request authorisation to attend the replacement session in September must notify the "Service Admission du Groupe INSA" in writing before 3 July 2023.

A student from the INSA Group (student-engineer, removed during the year or excluded)

  • cannot apply again if they are currently enrolled in the INSA Group
  • cannot apply again in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year if they were admitted to this same level of studies and started their schooling at this level (even if they dropped out afterwards).
  • cannot apply in the 1st year on Parcoursup for the Sciences Po INSA Rennes-Toulouse double degree if they are a student on the engineering course, and vice versa.

There are transfer options within the INSA Group at the end of the 1st or 2nd year. They are not automatic and, in all cases, require the agreement of the establishments of departure and arrival.

Routes and time limits for appeal

If you believe that the decision taken by the admissions jury is questionable, you can file a contentious appeal before the Administrative Court of Lyon, 184, rue Duguesclin 69433 Lyon cedex 03, within two months of notification of the decision.